School Scrunchi Hair Bow (Choice of colours and finishes)

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School Scrunchi gingham hair Bow (Choice of colours and finishes)
School Scrunchi gingham Bow (Choice of colours and finishes)

There really are no words to describe the beauty of this shape!

Our gorgeous brand new hair bow shape - The Scrunchi Bow in your chosen colour.

This really does make this bow a great choice for your little one for all occasions!


  • Clip
  • Bobble
  • Nylon headband - super stretchy one size fits all

Bow size

  • small 2.5"
  • Large 4"

Colours available

  1. Navy
  2. Green
  3. Red
  4. Purple
  5. Royal Blue
  6. Burgundy
  7. Pale pink
  8. Lilac
  9. Lemon
  10. Pale Blue
  11. Pink

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