Rules for collections

Collections will only be arranged during the hours 10am - 7pm Monday - Friday & ONLY prior to arriving to collect.

  • Once your order is ready to be collected you will receive an email to let you know.
  • An appointment for collection is to be made and agreed prior to collection.
  • If no appointment is made, we can not guarantee there will be someone available at the address.
  • Please print a copy of your confirmation email and bring this with you as proof of collection to leave in the basket.
  • Strict social distancing must be adhered to all all times when collecting.
  • Once you arrive, please knock on the door, step back 2m and wait. 
  • Someone will open the door, pop your order in the basket on the doorstep and go back inside and close the door.
  • Only once the door is closed, you may come forward to collect your parcel from the basket and leave a copy of your confirmation email in the basket as proof of collection please.

Thank you for your understanding!